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EuCertPlast-Post-consumer Plastics Recyclates Certification

New EU Standard will boost use of post-consumer Plastics Recyclates.

After two years of work plastics converters, recyclers and collectors have agreed to launch a new European wide certification and audit scheme named EuCertPlast which implements existing CEN standard 15343 on post-consumer plastics recycling.

The project was conducted by EuPR and EPRO in collaboration with EuPC, EuPET, RECOVINYL, cyclos GmbH and a few plastics recycling companies to perform the first pilot audits at factory level. Alexandre Dangis, Managing Director of EuPC (European plastics Converters) “I am very happy with the outcome of this project in which we have been able to demonstrate that good practices on post-consumer plastics recycling should be rewarded with a European Certificate and this will boost the use of recyclates in Europe by plastics converters. I strongly advise purchasers of post-consumer plastics recyclates to request this EuCertPlast Certificate from their suppliers in order to guarantee good quality products. Converters are ready to use more post-consumer plastics recyclates and this European certification scheme will contribute to more potential for higher plastics recycling targets in Europe. Additionally, the Blue Angel scheme will implement EuCertPlast as from 2013. Thus, consumer will have the assurance of buying eco-friendly products.”

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