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Every day, thousands of products are made from rubber and plastics. These range from car tyres to sailboats. A world without rubber and plastic is unthinkable; a sustainable future can be ruled out. The rubber and plastics industry supplies a wide variety of components, parts and finished products essential to manufacturing and commerce, construction and packaging. The Dutch Federation of the Rubber and Plastics Industry (NRK) promotes the interests of some 470 companies grouped into 20 industry associations. We work together on a healthy business climate for manufacturing and stimulate competitiveness, innovation and knowledge transfer, education and training and recycling and a better environment. Our members companies operate sustainably, with an eye for people, planet, profit and polymers. They are trendsetters in innovation. The Dutch rubber and plastics industry has a turnover of 7.6 billion euros, consisting for 95% of SMEs that employ approximately 40,000 people.

The rubber and plastics industry is a healthy and sustainable industry with products of great added value for society. NRK is a prominent umbrella organisation with a clear mission, acting as a spokesperson and point of contact for the rubber and plastics industry in the Netherlands. Our policy centres on 4 themes: labour relations, quality management, labour and environmental conditions, business and innovation & technology.

These themes have been subdivided into 11 working topics (dossiers). If you have any questions, please contact us by mail or phone us at + 31 70 444 06 60.